A Comparative Study of Pedagogical Approaches of Madrassa and Secondary School Teachers Affecting Learning Outcomes in Karachi, Pakistan


  • Sumbul Ansar Assistant Prof. Islamic Studies, Sindh Madresat-ul-Islam University


Karachi, Madrassas, Secondary School, Learning outcomes, teachers


Study aims to compare the pedagogical approaches used by Madrassas and secondary schools and their learning outcomes. For the purpose a questionnaire consisting 07 closed-ended and 05 open-ended questions was served to the teachers of the selected institutes 50 each. It is found from the collected data that both the types of institutes are using same approach but in case of maintaining discipline madrassa teachers are applying the instruction given in the Holy Quran or by the Holy Prophet (PBUH), therefore they are more satisfied and successful in case of required learning outcomes. It is recommended that if we want to see our coming generation successful, and obedient, we should not ignore/leave the teaching of the Holy Quran and of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).






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