Muslim Educational System under Mughal Era


  • Zafar Mahmood Siddiqui Research Scholar, Islamic Learning Department, Karachi University
  • Ubaid Ahmed Khan Associate Professor, Chairman, Deptt of Usool uddin, Karachi University.


Muslim, Education, Literature, Dynasty, Madarsah, Masjid, Mughal Era


Sub-Continent is unique with regard to foreign intruders those are not only invaded subcontinent hailing from western border but also ruled over this rich subcontinent in terms of variety of people and cultures. They ruled over this area with full vigour and introduced series of administrative and educational changes. Mughal era is very pertinent in this regard. In fact, Mughal mostly indulged in the world of luxuries and romance to please and quench their desire of instinct. However, despite all these flaws and short comings, they paid heed to education and literary activities too. Mughal era started with arrival of Zaheer ud din Babar in 1526 A.D ended with Bahadur Shah Zafar following the tragedy of War of Independence 1857 A.D. They amply focused on expansions and constructions of buildings and monuments. In this article, we will discuss early lives, educational reforms and policies with regard to potent monarch such as Babar, Akbar and Auranzeb Alamgir in particular and others in general.






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