Aims and Objectives

• Ma’arif Mujalla-e Tehqeeq (MMT)
o prefers Islamic interpretation of arts and knowledge
o critiques various discourse
o encourages the solution-based research
o dispels prevailing doubts
o encourages all viewpoints based on original scholarship
o provides the young scholars a health and competitive platform
o bridges healthy scholarship atmosphere between the national and international scholars
o focuses issues pertaining to Islamic Ummah in particular and the humanity in general
o prevents unlawful profiling based on nations and people’s beliefs such as atheism, Abahiyat, nationalism, ethnicity, regionalism
o encourages scholars to select their areas for research based on aim and objective highlighted
Articles included in MMT are peer-reviewed. Writer/scholar bears the responsibility for the contents published. Either MMT or the Islamic Research Academy Karachi does not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed.