Impacts of Lawlessness on our Society: A Case Study of Karachi City


  • M. Tahir Dr., Education Officer, Pakistan Cost Guard.


Creation of Human, Society, Rules and Regulations, Lawlessness, Social Problems


The first ever form of society began upon start of life from Hazrat Adam (AS) on earth. At the ancient ages men started living near water resources like rivers. Creation of human beings is the “Climax” of creator of this large universe. The society revolves around human being and depends upon their cooperation. In legal terms the society is all about the duties and obligations of its members. To flourish and prosper the healthier society respect and adhering of rights & obligations are very necessary. Another phenomena of any civilized society is a fair justice system. Obedience is the key factor as Allah orders human being and all his creations to obey their creator for peace and harmony.

Indeed Allah is the supreme power to govern all the systems of universe, however He empowered human beings on His behalf. To govern any society a set of rules & regulations are mandatory under an implementing authority weather it is divine or selected. Provision of quality education & fair justice system are the solution of our social problems.






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