About Us

Welcome to Maarif Research Journal (MRJ), a distinguished, bi-lingual (English and Urdu), peer-reviewed publication under the auspices of the Islamic Research Academy, Karachi. MRJ stands as a beacon of scholarly excellence, fostering rigorous inquiry and critical discourse within the scope of Islamic Studies and Arabic language and literature.

The journal is driven by a set of aims and objectives that underscore our dedication to advancing Islamic interpretation of arts and knowledge, critiquing diverse discourses, and fostering solution-based research that addresses contemporary challenges facing the Islamic Ummah and humanity at large. MRJ embraces diverse viewpoints rooted in original scholarship, providing a nurturing environment for young scholars to thrive and engage in healthy academic competition.

While MRJ serves as a forum for diverse perspectives, the opinions expressed therein are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Maarif Research Journal or the Islamic Research Academy Karachi.


Director’s Message

The pursuit of knowledge, research, and intellectual exploration lies at the heart of progress and sustenance for any nation, community, or movement worldwide. Thus, it becomes obligatory upon us to prioritize and uphold academic and research endeavors, providing them with the necessary patronage and support.


Since its inception in 1963, the Islamic Research Academy Karachi has been steadfast in its commitment to nurturing intellectual growth and scholarly pursuits. Guided by the visionary principles of its founder, Syed Abul A’la Maududi, the Academy has remained at the forefront of academic and intellectual endeavors, organizing seminars, workshops and lectures encompassing a wide array of subjects pertinent to education, Islam, and Pakistan.

Furthermore, the Academy remains dedicated to the production of substantive academic literature, catering to the needs of students, researchers, and all those engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and research. Through these efforts, we endeavor to foster an environment conducive to learning, critical thinking, and scholarly discourse, thereby contributing to the advancement of academia and society at large.

Izhar Ul Haque
Islamic Research Academy Karachi